…sooooooo much.  But we don’t recycle.

One of my biggest pet peeves when traveling are hotels that talk about caring for the environment but don’t recycle.  If all I see is a sign like the one below, talking about how much the hotel cares about the environment by not bringing fresh towels every day, it smacks of selfish, cost-management efforts.  What I appreciate most are the hotels that truly care about the environment to the point that there is a recycling bin in the room and/or placed throughout the lobby.

What about you?  What do you think of the towel laundering signs in hotels around the world these days and the hotel’s true committment?

No Recycling_edited-1

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  1. My sentiments exactly… I just stayed in a major hotel that made no attempt to recycle anything…. but there was that self-serving notice in the bathroom. On a walk around town I stopped at another major hotel to use the restroom and right in the lobby were two giant recycling bins! Made me want to change hotels! Thanks for posting this, in future I am going to make more of an issue of this with any hotels I stay in.


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