I’m continuing to build on my 2013 photography goals by taking an online class with Capture Your 365.  There is one lesson each month that culminates in that one, perfect photo that is shared with the class and discussed during a monthly webinar.

This month’s theme is Two and the assignment is to create a diptych.  Capture Your 365 instructor Katrina Kennedy describes as diptych as a story telling tool that frames two photos together “creating an artistic view of the world. They can compliment each other or provide contrast. They can show the beginning and end.”

I didn’t have a lot of time to work on my project this month and ended up creating my diptych out of photos I took over winter break, but I wanted to share it on my blog to get your feedback, especially as it relates to improving my skills for next time.

Making Dog Biscuits_edited-1

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  1. Very clever…. at first I didn’t get the connection…. then… duh… the lightbulb went on… homemade doggie biscuits!

    • Ha! Thanks for stopping by and sharing your encouragement. They were actually quite fun to make and Ben enjoyed them a lot. He’s worked his way through all of them by now, but maybe we’ll make another batch soon.

  2. I like that. The idea of “diptych” which I will forget how to pronounce and spell the moment I leave your blog 😆 .

    You can almost see your dog drooling for the biscuit

  3. I think these are great! I would be so bad at know what to do with that kind of project! HAHA! It’s really fun and you did great!


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