The Sonoran Desert is one of the largest and hottest deserts in North America.  It is home to a variety of unique plants and animals, perhaps most notably the Saguaro cactus. Phoenix is the largest city in the Sonoran Desert with a population of more than 4 million.  In 2007, the desert near and around Phoenix was losing ground to urban sprawl at a rate of 4,000 square meters per hour.

Here are three of my favorite photos of the sunset my first night in Scottsdale last week.  What do you think?  Do you have a favorite below?

Sonoran Sunset 2_edited-1

Sonoran Sunset Photo #1.  The needles of a Saguaro cactus are sharp against the soft evening light in the background.

Sonoran Sunset_edited-1

Sonoran Sunset Photo #2. The mountains in the distance take on a purple color as the sun sets. 


Sonoran Sunset 3_edited-1

Sonoran Sunset Photo #3.  A Saguaro cactus in the setting sun.


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  1. I like the second one. It’s the panoramic view that does it for me. Although I do like the silhouette

  2. All three look good. I like the cactus best though.
    I also find the watermark a little distracting from such a gorgeous view.

    • Good point. I should have done the watermark down in a corner instead. I will keep that in mind on some upcoming cactus and sunset shots! 🙂

  3. My favorite is #3 🙂 lovely!

  4. #3 – Love the light and composition.

  5. They’re all beautiful, but my favorite is no 3. Love the silhouette and the composition, in addition to that wonderful light. 🙂

  6. this is really hard because all three of them trigger very different emotions for me:
    #1: great close-up to get the idea of how big those Saguro needels are and what a big cactus that is in general
    #2: this has a bit of a California feel to it…love the mountains with the palm tree silhouettes and the different layers, nice Pastell colors too.
    #3: great silhouette and against the gorgeous sunset. of all the places I have been, Arizona has definitly the best sunsets!

    all three of them make me wanna go there!

  7. So beautiful! I love how clear the last shot is! It gives me warmth… while it hails outside lol


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