March 19, 2013

Bad Kitty!

While photographing my birthday roses, Canyon snagged one and took it down, destroying it in a noble way to protect his family.  Or at least I hope that’s what he was thinking in his little orange, feline head!

Canyon 1_edited-1

Bad Kitty Photo #1.  Canyon takes down one of my birthday roses.

Canyon 2_edited-1

Bad Kitty Photo #2.  Canyon 1, Rose 0.

Canyon 3_edited-1

Bad Kitty Photo #3.  I think my work here is done.  You’re welcome.

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Join the conversation! 10 Comments

  1. Sometimes a feline’s gotta do what a feline’s gotta do 😦 Great pics, though.

  2. He was just being creative, giving you another opportunity to take a photo… cats are very thoughtful like that…

  3. I think he’s just curious 😉

  4. Nah… I don’t think he was thinking that at all. Great shots.

  5. HAHAHAHA! I can just hear him… it wasn’t me! HAHA! Love the different angles! Each photo tells the story 😛


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