March 21, 2013

First Day of Spring

I always think of the first day of the new season as falling on the 21st.  Apparently spring is the only season in 2013 that falls on the 20th instead of the 21st, so my apologies for being a day late with this post.   But what disappoints me more is that it’s now officially spring and our forecast is for cold and snow for the foreseeable future.  Ugh!  Good thing I’m sparring with Mother Nature by bringing a bit of spring inside my house with these cut daffodils on my kitchen table since I have no control over what she has planned for outside it!

Daffodil 1_edited-1

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Join the conversation! 6 Comments

  1. Beautiful photograph, lovely composition!

    • Thanks! Your encouragement means a lot to me, because with my very basic camera and limited natural light it took about 100 attempts to get this one shot! 🙂

  2. Love it! Funny…I shot photos of daffodils today too. It’ll probably be tomorrow’s blog post.

  3. Love how you were able to focus so well on the middle of it! Great detail and the color is beautiful 🙂


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