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As spring starts to s-l-o-w-l-y unfold across the Midwest, I’ve grown increasingly envious of all the amazing bird shots my fellow photobloggers are sharing of cardinals (from newly hatched to adults), peacocks, bald eagles, and other feathered friends.  Instead of turning into a green-eyed, monster photographer, I put a plate of bird seed out on my […]

UPDATE: Please visit my new blog, Everyday Wanderer, for more posts like this going forward. My daughters love Cake Boss.  As the youngest tagged along after her two big sisters and jockeyed for a spot in front of the show, she heard Cake Box, instead of Cake Boss, and now the name has stuck at our house. […]

Just about everyone who visits New York dreams of seeing Times Square, all its neon lights and the energy of the crowds.  Not me.  I find it to be everything plastic and processed in America packaged up and served on a blinking platter.  But since I was staying on the cusp of Times Square and […]

The Inside Out Project invites New Yorkers and visitors to take “selfies” in a photo booth in Times Square, on the site of the world’s first ever photo booth nearly 100 years ago.  The portraits are then pasted on a special backdrop designed by French artist JR and assembled in Times Square.  The goal of […]