I love Trader Joe’s.  Before they finally opened two here in Kansas City about a year and a half ago, TJ’s was a “must stop” location whenever I traveled to a city with one of their grocery stores.  In those days, all I could really purchase were items I’d use up before my flight home or items that would survive in my suitcase.  Now I hit the store once a week to take advantage of affordably priced organic vegetables and fruits, fresh flowers, an extensive cheese selection, and all kinds of nuts in addition to the specialty items that used to be my only option.

While my whole family is trying to reduce the amount of sugar we eat, we’re drawn like ants to a picnic to Trader Joe’s dark chocolate covered marshmallows, mini stroopwafels, and dark chocolate pistachio toffee.  Knowing that drooling over this photo will keep the calories off my hips better than scarfing down another package of these little lovelies, I bring you a piece of Trader Joe’s dark chocolate pistachio toffee.


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  1. That looks so delicious!

  2. My favorite is TJ’s English Toffee with Milk Chocolate and Almonds. I have to walk VERY fast past this section every time I go to the store.

    • Oh, yes, I know that toffee well! Have you tried the dark chocolate dipped marshmallows? We discovered those a few weeks ago…

  3. Just seeing the title of this blog made my mouth water. Yummy.

  4. I just went there last week! HAHA! I love that place and now I am going to have to find this treat!! So excited 😛


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