I’m a few weeks late in sharing these photos, but my middle daughter became a teenager at the end of March.  For those of you playing along at home, that brings the total number of young teens in my household up to three:  two 14-year-olds and a 13-year-old.  You may soon see a lot more photos of wine, but I digress…

Portrait and street photographers amaze me.  I find it hard enough to capture something static like a flower or cactus, but to capture a human being in a way that is both solid from a technical perspective as well as captures a bit of their personality seems almost like a super power.

One of Caroline’s many nicknames is “Sass” because she is a very creative, dramatic, sassy soul.  She has the most amazing blue eyes and a thick, medium-blonde mane of hair that is the envy of everyone she meets.  As the days get warmer, her sun-kissed face will soon be covered in freckles.

Here were the best shots I took of Caroline on her 13th birthday.  What feedback do you have for me as I further my skills?

Sass 1_edited-1

Sass’s Birthday Photo #1.

Sass 2_edited-1

Sass’s Birthday Photo #2.

Sass 3_edited-1

Sass’s Birthday Photo #3.

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  1. First of all, her personality shines through. Awesome! Of the three, I like #2 the best.

    Here’s what I see. Lovely rim light at camera left, though the window light on her cheek is a bit hot. Can that be mitigated a bit? Move her some? Diffuse the light? Also, the shadow that is being created between her left eye and nose in the first shot is rather noticeable. My portrait instructor has a name for that but I can’t remember it right now, but he saw it in a lot of our work, and always pointed it out to us so. I am really aware of it now. Using some fill at camera right would help get rid of that, I think. Overall, I think she could have used a bit more fill on camera right (her left), just to open her face up a tad more. With that gorgeous hair, I would have loved more rim light all around her hair. Just my 2 cents.

  2. I’m with you, portraits scary me! Haha I’m so intimidated by them, but the few that you have taken are really good! These of Caroline are adorable! What a beauty! Having brownish red hair and brown eyes, ive always dreamed of being blonde with blue eyes! Haha


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