Like other major cities around the world, it takes a bit of effort to find a room that’s clean, safe, bigger than a hamster’s cage, and not $500 per night in New York City.  My room is surprisingly spacious, very clean, and just five blocks away from my meetings.  The view is a bit limited, but fortunately I’m just a short walk from Bryant Park, Times Square, and the Garment District. With about 14 hours of daylight right now, I hope to be able to catch a few minutes to take a few photos around my work obligations.

View from the Hotel 2_edited-1

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  1. How fun!!! Always wanted to visit New York 🙂 have fun!!

  2. I think the view, however limited, is beautiful in its own way!
    Perhaps I am too accustomed to the jungle of skyscrapers blocking the skies in Hong Kong…

  3. I love it! Where are you staying?

  4. I enjoy architecture and looking at these wonderful buildings would be a great view for me.


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