April 24, 2013

Tulips in Bryant Park

I expected spring in New York to be on par with or lagging behind spring in Kansas City.  Instead, the tulips have peaked and the blossoms on trees are already turning into leaves.  Unfortunately it was still cold, overcast, and windy with few opportunities to really capture spring in the city, with the exception of these pink tulips in Bryant Park just a block away from my hotel.

Tulips in Bryant Park_edited-1

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  1. Love this shot!!! It made me smile :).

  2. Gorgeous! All your photos are making me even more excited about our trip there in May.

  3. Sounds like it’s still cold EVERYWHERE!

  4. gorgeous! I love the difference in colors and the perspective behind the tulips! Brilliant! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Did you know what with the coming of spring, there is also Tai Chi in Bryant park? Every Tues/Thurs, a great way to start the day and feel alive during spring. Have a look at the article I wrote about it. http://wp.me/p1EBdh-9l I hope you enjoy the spring in NYC. Love the picture of the tulips.


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