The Duck Tape brand of duct tape has a pop-up store in Times Square offering tapes in bright, neon colors, sports team logos, and everything in between.  On mannequins in the windows are formal dresses and suits fashioned from duct tape.  These heels fashioned out of duct tape are something I’d definitely wear! Learn More: […]

…that American Eagle has to use multi-story signage to help you find the door. You Might Also Enjoy: Other New York Posts Maastricht:  Open Window

One of several McDonald’s in the Times Square area… You Might Also Enjoy: Paris:  Chez Marie Street Photography FAIL!

I expected spring in New York to be on par with or lagging behind spring in Kansas City.  Instead, the tulips have peaked and the blossoms on trees are already turning into leaves.  Unfortunately it was still cold, overcast, and windy with few opportunities to really capture spring in the city, with the exception of […]

“I hate fake people.” “Yeah, mannequins freak me out, too.” A row of cookie cutter mannequins at a shop in the Garment District of New York that look like the Robert Palmer Girls, just more colorfully dressed. And more stationary. You Might Also Enjoy: Other New York Posts Big Debut