May 6, 2013

Fresh as a Daisy

The last time it snowed in Kansas City in May:

  • Katharine Hepburn was about to be born,
  • Oklahoma was just joining the US as the 46th state, and
  • there was a crisis on Wall Street that led to a run on banks.

The year was 1907, and the 106 year record was broken last week.

Thank goodness seed starter “mini greenhouses” still let us get seeds started inside, and hopefully winter will end soon!  Last year on this date, we were outside in tank tops rather than still bundled up in our winter coats.

Planting Seeds_edited-1

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Join the conversation! 4 Comments

  1. Certainly crazy weather patterns all over. It was in the mid 90’s here on Friday, mid 70’s on Saturday, and low 60’s Sunday.

  2. THAT IS NUTS!! I’m so sorry you had snow in MAY! Love the history you found on that last time it snowed though! lol! Really love this shot 😀


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