From the mama and baby in the town of Monterey to those who eluded me while hiking at Point Lobos, the deer we encountered on our trip to Northern California were much smaller than those at home.  Here are three of my favorite deer shots from our 17 mile scenic drive from Monterey to Carmel. […]

China Rock is one of many scenic stops along the 17 mile drive from Monterey to Carmel.  It is named for the Chinese fisherman who lived along this coast in the late 1800s and early 1900s, making their homes at the base of this big pile of rocks. For some reason, it reminds me a bit […]

In this post I mentioned that we recently became a foster family with Kitty City Kansas, a local cat and kitten rescue organization.  Jack, a vivacious pumpkin kitten, was our first foster to get adopted.  He was the spitting image of Canyon, and the two of them really enjoyed their time together.  More than once they […]

As we started the scenic, 17 Mile Drive around the Monterey peninsula, we explored a few tide pools along the coast in Pacific Grove. What do you think?  Do you have a favorite below? Tide Pool Photo #1.  This little crab was headed back to sea.   Tide Pool Photo #2.  Pretty little (snail) shells […]

From the first time I saw jelly fish dancing like fried eggs with long vermicelli legs next to our ferry as we chugged across the English Channel from France, I have been fascinated by them.  Lucky for me the Monterey Bay Aquarium has an entire jelly section.  Big jellies, small jellies, moon jellies, upside-down jellies, […]