June 13, 2013


With three teenagers in the house (14-year-old boy/girl twins and a 13-year-old daughter), you’d expect there to be a lot of drama.  Hey, there are days, but this is the good kind of drama:  my daughter “lettered” in Drama as a freshman at her high school this year.  This is a huge accomplishment that took more than 100 hours of work throughout the school year, so I wanted to share via a photo.

May was incredibly busy, and June isn’t any calmer.  While I’ve really fallen off my daily posts halfway through the the second year of my 365 project, I’ve still been taking lots of photos that I hope to get caught up on soon.  Please keep visiting and leaving your lovely comments!

Drama Letter_edited-1

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  1. i would love to have twins, double the trouble & double the fun 🙂

  2. HAHA Love the blog and picture! As you can tell by how behind I am in seeing this, I am also very behind on everything! lol! Oh what a week will do to my inbox, it’s crazy. Can’t wait to see what you’re up to this summer 😀


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