The weekend after our family reunion in Ellis County, Better Half and I headed to Cali for five days of rest and relaxation to celebrate his upcoming “big milestone” birthday.  On our drive south to Monterey, our mandatory first top was In ‘n Out Burger.  Since last visiting the West Coast treat last, we’d read about the burger chain’s thrice married, 30-year-old billionaire heiress, Lynsi Torres, and that the company hid bible phrases on their cups, French fry containers, and burger wrappers.  So while Better Half waited for our food, I snapped photos of my drink cup (including the hidden bible phrase I’d never known about before) followed by our burgers.  Yes, if you have a 365 photo blog, it is completely normal to photograph a fast food cup in a busy restaurant…

What do you think?  Do you have a favorite below?


In ‘n Out Burger Photo #1.  A cool drink on a warm, summer afternoon in Cali.


In ‘n Out Burger Photo #2.  I was on a mission to find all the hidden verses after I’d read about them a few months earlier.


In ‘n Out Burger Photo #3.  Bon appetite!

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  1. Heh….when I go there I order a grilled cheese with grilled onions – they even feed vegetarians there!

  2. Just happened to have one today after resisting for about three months..Do they all have John 3:16 on the cups?

  3. Love all of them and the burgers look yummy! If I have to choose I’d go for the second one because of the great composition and colors. Also, i don’t know many Bible verses, but John 3.16 is definitely a nice one 🙂

  4. Love and miss that place terribly! Hahaha one of the many eating places Oregon doesn’t have 😛


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