After my early morning walk along the Old Fisherman’s Wharf, on the way back to the hotel with coffee for the birthday boy, a mama deer and a young fawn were stopped at a “t” intersection in a quiet residential neighborhood while I drove by on the right-of-way. The mama didn’t seem stressed at all, just lost.  And her wee one was only interested in hanging with mama.  Lucky for me there was no one behind me and my camera was still sitting shotgun.  I was able to shoot the first three pics through the rolled-down passenger window without disturbing them and then the bonus pic through the windshield as they trotted off in front of me before ultimately hanging a right back up into the neighborhood rather than a left into the woods.

Fawn 1_edited-1

Deer in Monterey Photo #1.  “Oh, honey, you missed a spot.”


Fawn 2_edited-1

Deer in Monterey Photo #2.  “Mom, you ask for directions.  I’m going to help myself to a little snack.”


Fawn 3_edited-1

Deer in Monterey Photo #3.  “That way.  No.  THAT way.”


Fawn 4_edited-1

Deer in Monterey Bonus Pic.  “Ease on down, ease on down the ro-oad!”


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    • I keep dreaming of just leaving my real life behind and being a hippie out there. So beautiful! And I appreciate it even more now than I ever did when I lived in that area back in high school.

  1. Very cool experience.

  2. So cute. I had very similar visitors in the garden a few weeks back. I posted the shot yesterday. Anyways, it’s a lovely series. I actually like the bonus pic the most. 🙂


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