From the mama and baby in the town of Monterey to those who eluded me while hiking at Point Lobos, the deer we encountered on our trip to Northern California were much smaller than those at home.  Here are three of my favorite deer shots from our 17 mile scenic drive from Monterey to Carmel.  What do you think?  Do you have a favorite below?

Deer 3_edited-1

Deer Photo #1.  Four bucks confidently graze on the lawn at Spanish Bay.

Deer 4_edited-1

Deer Photo #2.  “Hi, it’s Bambi.  I forgot my code again, can you buzz me in?”

Deer 5_edited-1

Deer Photo #3.  Hanging out in the tall grass.

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    • She was so funny just hanging out in the driveway of a multi-million dollar mansion by the gate code box!

  1. The second one is just fab! 🙂


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