Just like the deer, the squirrels look a lot different in California than in the Midwest.  Despite signs everywhere asking people not to feed the ground squirrels, all of the ones I saw looked plenty plump and allowed me to get awfully close with my camera.  This squirrel was quite photogenic, acting almost like a fashion model striking a different pose with each click of my camera.  What do you think?  Do you have a favorite below?

Ground Squirrel 1_edited-1

Ground Squirrel Photo #1.  Why, hello!  Is that a camera I see?

Ground Squirrel 2_edited-1

Ground Squirrel Photo #2.  Let me strike a pose!

Ground Squirrel 3_edited-1

Ground Squirrel Photo #3.  This is my better side.

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Join the conversation! 11 Comments

  1. The third one it looks like he’s posing. 🙂

  2. 3rd one!! Beautiful!! 😀

  3. Fabulous series. My favorite is the last one because I like that it shows more of the river in the background. It goes well with that fabulous pose 🙂

  4. #3 Love the body angle and composition of the shot.

  5. Oh he is definitely posing hahahahaha! Love them all!

  6. Not only photogenic but very well fed, too!


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