I’ve decided to enter my first photography contest!

Emily Luxton, who has featured me in the Postcards from… section of her blog, has teamed up with Zinio to present the Four Corners Travel Photography Competition.  I can only submit one photo per category and need your help picking my submissions.

The third category is Cities.

Will you take a moment to look through these favorites below and vote for your favorite to help me pick the one I submit for the contest?

Each thumbnail links to the original post and a poll to cast your vote is at the bottom of this post.

Red Boat 4

Amsterdam:  Red Boat

Canal 4

Amsterdam:  Canal

Tour Eiffel 8

Eiffel Tower

French Buildings

French Apartment Buildings

Gargoyle 3

Gargoyle Over Paris

Paris from Arch 1

Paris from the Arch of Triumph


The Scout Looking Over Kansas City

Sunset Over the Seine 2

Sunset Over the Seine

London Bridge Reflection

Tower Bridge Reflection

Parisian Building 2

View from Montmartre

Parisian Building 1

Window in Paris

Join the conversation! 7 Comments

  1. So hard to choose! But I think I like Eiffel best. Good luck to you!

  2. I voted… good luck!

  3. I went back and forth and the scout was my favorite first time around though they are all fantastic photos. Best of luck to you. Interesting to see the percentages at this point and will not spoil it by saying what I am seeing right now and let each person make their own decision.

    • Thanks for stopping by and voting! Unfortunately, this category STILL doesn’t have a clear winner!

  4. they’re all absolutely stunning! I’m in Paris so had a preference for all in Paris, but the red boat in Amsterdam was so much more original that I had to vote for that one!
    Best of luck to you! Keep us posted!

    • Merci! Paris is an easy city to love! I think I will let the voting continue until the end of the weekend and then get my entries submitted! Thanks for stopping by and voting!

  5. Love that red boat one! HAHA! Always has been one of my favorites 🙂


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