As our day at Point Lobos was coming to an end, we saw this mother and child sea otters snuggled together in Whaler’s Cove.  Sea Otters hang out by kelp forests, snacking on sea urchins and sometimes wrapping themselves in kelp while sleeping to keep from drifting away.  Because the sea otters blend in so easily with the kelp, we almost missed this incredible sighting and these shots.  As I watched them co-sleep, I was reminded of how similar we mammals are, whether we live on land or in the sea, whether we have opposable thumbs or big flippers.

Below are three of my favorites.  What do you think?  Do you have a favorite below?

Sea Otter 1_edited-1

Sea Otter Photo #1.  Like any mother/child co-sleeping arrangement, it started with the baby’s feet in momma’s face…

Sea Otter 2_edited-1

Sea Otter Photo #2.  …and then the baby got turned around, waking up momma in the process, but not impacting his sleep schedule…

Sea Otter 3_edited-1

Sea Otter Photo #3.  …and finally everyone is back to sleep, with momma snuggling baby sea otter.

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  1. oh, how joyful this moment! ♥

  2. These have got to be my favourite little animal. They are impossibly cute. Fabulous photos.

  3. What great shots. I love the third photo the best. You can really see their faces well. Nicely done.


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