As we continued our drive north along the Pacific Coast, we neared Big Basin Redwoods State Park.  It was the most magical place with the Pacific Ocean on our left and views of Montana to the right.  Unfortunately, we were on a schedule and couldn’t spend the time I would have loved to take in […]

At home we pay nearly $1.00 each for artichokes.  Along California’s lush, Central Coast, you can purchase ten artichokes for $1.00.  Wow, what a bargain!  Except that when you’re traveling there’s really no way to cook them and enjoy them.  Thankfully nearly every restaurant serves artichokes in one of many ways. Here is an artichoke […]

As our time in Monterey (sadly) came to an end, we hugged the Pacific Coast as we made our way back to the big city and catch our flight home.  We passed fields of lettuce, artichokes, and garlic.  The magnificent Pacific Ocean was rarely out of sight on our left, and we saw this cheery […]