July 26, 2013

Pigeon Point

The Pigeon Point Lighthouse was built in 1871 and is the tallest lighthouse on the West Coast of the US.  The point is named after the ship Carrier Pigeon that wrecked in this spot in 1853.  Unfortunately, the lighthouse was closed in December 2001 when its rusting cast iron walkways and collapsing brickwork made it unsafe for visitors.  The State of California has requested $250,000 for the State Park System to repair the historic site, but even if funds are available, repairs will take up to a decade to complete.

Pigeon Point_edited-1


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  1. With so many parks being closed in California, it is sad to think what might become of this beautiful lighthouse.

  2. Fantastic shot. I hope that some of the millions that was found in an unknown account rather recently for our CA state parks makes money available to repair this historic site.

    • California is such a beautiful state. I appreciate that times are tough, but hopefully California can continue to support its beautiful natural areas and historic sites.

  3. Beautiful image. Hopefully this lighthouse will be restored.

  4. Wow, such a beautiful shot. That is such a small amount of money to put into something like this compared to what is wasted. I hope they do the repairs needed.

    • I think the money would be a solid investment because the location is just gorgeous, and the location could be rented out to cover the cost of the renovations.


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