Thistles add quite a bit of purple to the native grasses and wildflowers that thrive here in the Midwest.  Before I started carrying my camera with me everywhere, I never noticed this particular variety.  Now, they’re one of my favorite things to capture.  This series was snapped during the “golden hour” while out on a walk in our neighborhood with my daughter.

What do you think? Do you have a favorite below?

Thistle 1_edited-1

Thistle Photo #1.

Thistle 2_edited-1

Thistle Photo #2.

Thistle 3_edited-1

Thistle Photo #3.

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  1. these thistles are gorgeous and highly under-rated imho. I would love to have a expansive space with these growing, but for now will admire in the road-side ditches.

  2. The first one is my favorite. We have one thistle plant that I let grow in my woodland garden area each year. I love photographing it. 🙂

    Warm wishes ~ Wendy

  3. They’re all beautiful but I’d have to say No. 2

  4. I can’t say with 100% certainty without seeing the whole plant, but I think you have an artichoke there. Artichokes technically are “thistle-like” rather than members of the thistle family. Which is good. I mean, who would want to eat a thistle?………


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