Work has been so, so busy, as in a no-person-should-seriously-have-to-spend-every-waking-moment-working-for-months-on-end kind of busy.  I cannot believe my last post was over a month ago.  While I haven’t been able to take (or share) a photo a day during that time, a few exciting things have happened since then:

I’m just now downloading photos from the past month and I hope to post them on the blog shortly.  Meanwhile, here’s a shot of a macaw from my trip to the Kansas City Zoo earlier this summer.

How are all of you?  Anything exciting happen while I was away?  Leave me a comment and send me your best photo post of the summer so I don’t miss out!


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  1. I love it. What a great photo and love all the colors and detail you captured. Cograts on the photo contest and post card. My tomatoes did not do well with a heat wave we had. Back to the hot weather for a while once again but not as bad. Time definitely flies. I have been following a goose and duck at our park and posting about them for almost 2 months from pretty small to where they are now. I am not on the site every day and try to catch up with some commenting as time allows. So nice to have met so many wonderful people like you.

    • Darlene, I wish I could share my tomatoes! We have more than we can use pouring out of the garden each day, and one can only make and freeze so much spaghetti sauce and tomato soup for winter! Can you send the links to some of your goose/duck shots? I would LOVE to see them!

  2. Congrats on the photo contest – that’s great!


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