October 23, 2013

NBA: Heat vs Bobcats

While Kansas City it home to a major league football and baseball team, we have no major league basketball team.  It hasn’t caused me to lose any sleep in the years I’ve lived here, but it was fun to accompany Better Half (who played basketball in college) to a game between the Heat and Bobcats when they were in town recently.

My action shots have a lot to be desired, especially indoor action shots, but this was my best one of the night.  Yes, it’s really grainy.  No, I’m not loving it much at all.  But I am hopeful my village will give me some tips for next time…


If you want to see what a real sports photographer can capture when stalking the local wildlife, be sure to check out Phil Lanoue’s blog.

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Join the conversation! 2 Comments

  1. I think this is pretty great. Yes, it’s grainy and not perfectly sharp, but there’s definitely action and movement and I like the looks on their faces. No tips for next time though as this is not my field at all.

  2. So cool!! Sports shots are the best 😀 great moment!


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