November 29, 2013

Thanksgiving 2013

This year, the kids and I made the 24 hour drive from Kansas City to Phoenix to spend Thanksgiving with my family.  We planned to make the drive there and back an adventure, making stops along Route 66 and at other fun places.  Nothing went according to plan.  There was snow and ice all but about three hours of the drive.  Near Gallup, New Mexico, the Interstate was closed and it took us three hours to go the final 12 miles to that night’s hotel.  No matter what the obstacle, it just took one hug from each member of my family and one 70F and sunny day to make it all worthwhile!

Whether it’s Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s, or the Fourth of July, I believe the holidays are about family, food, and making memories (not shopping and sales).  I know I’m a day late, but here is my photo of the day for Thanksgiving 2013.  It’s my antipasto plate up on the bar at my sister’s house for us to snack on while we made our traditional turkey dinner with all the sides.  Nana is relaxing in front of the football game on the television.  It’s tough having my family so far away, but every minute I spend with them is precious and what I believe the holidays are all about.


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  1. What a wonderful shot and even better story about your travels and being together for Thanksgiving.

    • Thanks, Darlene! I love Thanksgiving! It’s my favorite holiday. I’m soooooo grateful that this year I got to spend it with my family!

  2. glad you finally made it, there is nothing like FAMILY!


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