Between a long Thanksgiving trip that didn’t necessarily go as planned, a hectic end-of-year schedule, and being sick for a week, I’m way, way far behind on my blog.  Let me ease back into things by giving a shout out to three special, very talented photobloggers.  Each of them is not only a gifted photographer, but also kindly helped my youngest daughter out with her Flat Stanley Project.

IngaPhotographyInga of ingaphotography

Inga started her blog in 2012 as a 365+1 Project (due to last year’s Leap Year), and two years later, I remain quite jealous of the gorgeous places she photographs and shares with the world via her blog.  She lives in the historic, picturesque town of Trondheim, Norway with her husband and two young sons.

Inga was kind enough to show Flat Sofia around both Sørumsand and her hometown of Trondheim with its colorful wooden houses built on stilts, Old Town Bridge, and royal residence.

I encourage you to check out Inga’s blog as well as the two posts on Flat Sofia’s site about her beautiful, Nordic homeland.


Synke of Synke Unterwegs

Synke puts the “wander” in wanderlust and the “world” in world traveler.  Lucky for us she pairs her travels with a love of photography and recently launched her blog.  Based in Berlin, Synke’s photos range from journeys around Germany’s largest and most vibrant city to trips to other countries and continents.

Not only did Synke host Flat Sofia in Berlin, but she also took her on a long weekend trip to Gdańsk, Poland.  Between the two cities, Flat Sofia learned a lot about their history, marveled in their architecture, made new friends, and learned a few phrases in the local language.

Although Synke Unterwegs is written in Synke’s native German, Google makes it easy to roughly (machine) translate it on the fly.  Her photographs speak for themselves in any language.

sunrise-mesa-archLois Wagner  

Last but not least is Lois Wagner.  She is a new amateur photographer who took some amazing images of the American Southwest with Flat Sofia’s help with her tripod and gear.

Lois doesn’t have a blog at this time, but I encourage you to check out the photos she shared over a three part series on Flat Sofia’s blog.

If you are interested in hosting Flat Sofia to show her around your town or take her on an adventure with you, please email Real Sofia at

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  1. Thanks for the shout out and the kind words. It was all my pleasure. 🙂

    • If I lived in such a pretty place, I’d never be able to stop taking photos! I LOVE the colorful houses on stilts! 🙂


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