February 9, 2014

Musee du Louvre

This was a quick, candid shot as I left the Louvre and stepped back out into the rainy, January afternoon, but it may be my favorite shot from this trip to Paris.

I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Musee 1 copy

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  1. Love it!! It looks like your day was brightening after a visit to such an awe inspiring place :). I have really been enjoying this series of photos because my hubby and I are taking our first trip without kids this summer and will be visiting Paris, London, and Scotland. We will only be in Paris for three days, but I definitely want to make the Louvre one of our must sees.

    • I’m so glad you like this pic! It was one of my favorites from the Louvre, and I was so excited to share it and see what others thought.

      Your trip sounds AMAZING! I’ve never been to Scotland, but my 2nd oldest daughter has it on her bucket list.

      Depending on the type of art you like, I also recommend Musee d’Orsay. If you want any tips for Paris or London, let me know! And, I cannot WAIT to see all of your pics!

      • I am super excited about this trip. We had children because we wanted to spend time with them, so our holidays for many years have been centred around them, and it was fabulous. Then we sent both of our sons on trips to Europe through their school. Now it is our turn!!

        I went on one of the school trips with my oldest son, so I have been to England and the Netherlands, but my hubby has never been outside of North American, except for one trip a long time ago to the Dominican Republic, so he is going to be amazed! I have always wanted to go to Scotland because I have been working on my family tree for years, and my mom’s background is Scottish. We are going at a very busy and expensive time of the year (August), but we decided on that time so that we can see the Military Tattoo in Edinburgh.

        I do have a question for you. Since we are only going to be in Paris for three days, would you recommend guided tours of places like the Louvre to make sure it is an organized visit rather than us just wandering around not sure of what to see next? And, have you ever visited the catacombs? Both my hubby and I are interested in seeing them. I read an article about them in National Geographic one time and found it so fascinating. I’m also considering the “hop on hop off” bus tour to see the main attractions easily. Oh, so many decisions to make :).

      • I think you have to decide what best fits your personality — the hop on/hop off and organized tour or the wandering at your own pace approach. Me personally, I always opt for the second, but that’s just me. I make a prioritized list of my “must see” things, research them like crazy, and put together a schedule that builds in “flex time.” Many of my friends prefer the first and it’s worked out great for them.

      • Thanks :). I guess I still have some time to decide. I’m just relieved that our flights and hotels are booked now, as well as our tickets for the Tattoo in Edinburgh. I was getting nervous because everything is getting booked quickly because of the Tattoo. Now I can take a breath and think about what we really want to see in each city.

      • Yes, you have the right “boulders” in place. Now you have time to fill in the smaller details! You are going to have a WONDERFUL trip!

  2. It’s fab! It has the right Paris feel to it 🙂


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