The Burj Khalifa set 17 records when it opened in January 2010, largely centered around its tremendous height.  I am terrified of heights and nearly fainted in the glass elevator that took me up to the 2nd level of the Eiffel Tower, so I was a bit hesitant when a colleague offered to organize a trip to the observation deck of the Burj Khalifa.  As it turns out, the elevator that goes to the 124th floor is as smooth as silk, and the ride only takes about one minute.  I just made sure I kept a “safe” distance from the floor to ceiling glass walls…

Here are three of my favorite photos from the experience.  What do you think?  Do you have a favorite below?

Burj Khalifa Building Comparisons copy

Burj Khalifa Photo #1.  This great visual along the wall of the waiting area by the elevators clearly shows how tall the Burj Khalifa is (far left) from other tall towers around the globe, like the Eiffel Tower (second from the left).

Burj Khalifa - Oasis in the Desert copy

Burj Khalifa Photo #2.  I thought this view did a fantastic job of illustrating how Dubai is truly a man-made oasis in the middle of the desert.

Burj Khalifa - Skyskrapers and the Persian Gulf copy

Burj Khalifa Photo #3.  And from this side of the Burj Khalifa, it’s skyscrapers and the Persian Gulf.

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  1. Great photos! I felt like the whole trip of At The Top was a rip off though. I’d probably suggest for anyone to go get the same view from a bar or restaurant inside the same building. What do you think? 🙂

    • Hmmmmm. It was kind of pricey, but so much in Dubai is pricey. I think that’s a good idea for next time — just find a bar or restaurant that’s up as high as possible. I think this first trip, I didn’t know any better! 🙂

      • I was so excited to try it as it was my first time too (lived here in Dubai for 7 years by the way, shame on me) and when we finally got to the viewing deck and found out that that’s the only thing to do there, I was like “That’s it????” My visitors were also asking the same thing. Lol.

        At least I know now and so do you. :p

      • Ha! Yes, now I know! 🙂

        Have you ever been to the “way up high” bar at the Burj Al Arab? I would put that on the top of my list for the next trip.

  2. Great! I love the second one for the reason you mentioned. 🙂


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