The Santa Maria delle Grazie is a church and Dominican convent in Milan, Italy.  One of its claims to fame is the 15th century mural of The Last Supper by Leonardo da Vinci.  Although it was one of the few walls of the to survive WWII bombings, the mural is decaying so quickly that only a handful of people can see it under the watchful eye of a guide in 15 minute time blocks.  Tickets are sold out months in advance, and sadly I didn’t get to see it.

Here are three shots from my visit to the Santa Maria delle Grazie.  What do you think?  Do you have a favorite below?

Church w Last Supper copy

Santa Maria delle Grazie Photo #1.  This beautiful church is one of the results of the Renaissance’s infusion of art and culture in Milan. 

Church w Last Supper 3 copy

Santa Maria delle Grazie Photo #2.  A statue of Jesus inside the church.

Church w Last Supper 2 copy

Santa Maria delle Grazie Photo #3.  I loved the door to the main entrance of the church.

On Today’s Date in the Past:

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  1. Wonderful and interesting. Love the light in the first one 🙂

    • Thanks! That’s one good thing about Europe in January, you can get that lovely, warm, early morning light, but it’s not very early! 🙂


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