Even if it’s still colder than I’d like outside, Spring has at least arrived on the calendar.  I had a fun time making these eggshell candles for our kitchen table centerpiece, and I thought I’d share.

In Carton copy

It started with a dozen eggs.  Between breakfast, baking, and other kitchen adventures, we usually go through two dozen of these bad boys a week.  I just made sure I cracked them toward the top of the smaller end, rinsed them out, and saved them up for this project.

Cracked copy

It’s okay if you have a few hairline cracks in them.


Filled with Wax copy

Then I melted some soy wax flakes and added a little lemon essential oil.  Nothing seems as sunny and new as the smell of lemon!


Holding Up Wick copy

The small wicks used for tea lights worked perfectly in my eggshell containers.  I held them up with a clothespin until they dried.


All Dry copy

Once the candles were dried, I removed the clothespins and trimed down the wicks.


Candles in Holders copy

I looked everywhere for some affordable soft-boiled egg holders that would work in my kitchen, but couldn’t find what I wanted.  Then I came across these candlestick holders at Target!


DSCF3327 copy

And here’s the finished centerpiece!  It was fast and easy to make several dozen of these little candles and keep them burning around a vase of tulips, daffodils, or other Spring flowers replaced weekly during my favorite season.

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  1. cool idea. A trick I learned while at University. If you don’t have egg holders you can always use decorate Schnaps gasses (shot glasses). Doesn’t work the other way around. I know cause we tried 😉

  2. They must glow beautifully when lit. Great idea!

  3. What a great idea! Thanks for sharing!


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