Our purpose for visiting Napa was to ride the Wine Train, but we arrived early enough to grab a late lunch at the V. Sattui Winery.  As we drove into the parking lot, the man directing us toward an open spot said, “Welcome to Disneyland for adults!” which was an interesting, and somewhat accurate perspective:  a lot to do and see, but over-commercialized and a bit staged.

The deli at V. Sattui lived up to the hype, and the picnic lunch we enjoyed outside in the spring sunshine was amazing.  I also had fun looking at all of the wine-related gifts in the adjacent shop, but the tasting area in the shop was crowded and simply overwhelming.  I’m glad we stumbled on to a different tasting area that was much more civil and enjoyable.

Napa 3 copy
Napa Photo #1.  Truth. 


Napa 2 copy

Napa Photo #2.  Almost more meats and cheeses than anything I ever saw in Europe.  Almost.


Napa 1 copy

Napa Photo #3.  Tea towels for sale.  My favorite was the grey one at the very end that said “Tonight’s Forecast:  90% chance of wine.”

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