One of my favorite things to do with an empty wine bottle is to turn it into a candle.  (Of course, my favorite thing to do with a full wine bottle is to turn it into an empty wine bottle!)

Raw Materials copy

I like to save up a good supply of bottles, and then set aside time to make candles.  Even with practice, I still don’t always cut them well each time, so it’s good to have plenty on hand.

Discard this Half copy

These bad boys go into the glass recycling bin…

Cut the Bottles copy

…and these bad boys get wax and wicks in them.  My two favorite waxes are soy and beeswax.  While beeswax is a bit more expensive, it has added benefits of actually purifying the air as the candle burns.  Folks suffering from allergy, sinus, and asthma have reported significant relief from their symptoms when burning beeswax candles.

I also like adding essential oils to my candles.  My favorite scents include, lavender, lemon, and citrus basil.

Holding Wicks in Place copy

Because red wine bottles have a punt — that little indented bubble thing — at the bottom, it can be tricky getting the wick perfectly centered on the punt.  I like to use wooden clothes pins to hold the wick up as the wax dries.

Finished copy

And here’s the finished product!

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  1. Great idea. Do you use a special glass cutter? Where do you get your beeswax supplies and wicks. I’d like to give this a try.

    • Yes, I use a glass cutter that I purchased for about $20 from Amazon. Essentially, you score the bottle and then alternatively dip it in boiling water and an ice water bath to break it. I get all of my supplies (e.g. wax, wicks, etc) from Amazon, too. If you give it a try, let me know how it goes!

  2. This sounds and looks interesting. I may actually give it a try. I’ll have enough bottles in no time at all 😉

  3. This is an amazing idea! My friend makes her own hand poured soy wax candles and they smell amazing, check out the blog I did on them if you have time


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