Back in May, I had to travel to Orlando for work.  The hotel hosting my conference was booked the first night, and I ended up staying at a Marriott full of vacationing families, far from any other options.  While it was a bit of a lonely existence, I did get a chance to work on my night shots.

What do you think?

Marriott in Orlando 2 copy

Night Shot #1.  Walking across the bridge to the only restaurant open on the property for dinner.

Marriott in Orlando copy

Night Shot #2.  Walking back across the bridge to my room.  



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  1. Beautiful shots. Love the reflections you captured. Great way to spend some of your time. If for any reason I have to pick my favorite, definitely the second one.

    • Thanks! I’m actually in San Francisco for one last night tonight, and I hope to get out and snap photos like crazy after dinner! Thanks for your encouragement, and I hope some of tonight’s shots turn out!

  2. I remember when you said you couldn’t do night shots very well. These are fantastic.

    • You are kind to say that, but last night (my last night in San Francisco) I ran around taking night shots and they are all just awful. Ugh! Night shots are so stinking hard!!!

  3. These are great! I love the beautiful reflections. 🙂


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