The Point Bonita Lighthouse is only open for three hours each Saturday, Sunday, and Monday.  If you have a chance to visit it during these limited hours, you’ll walk through a hand-dug tunnel and across a suspension bridge (the only one in the United States that leads to a lighthouse) to see the second oldest lighthouse on the Pacific Coast of North America.  With an average of 2,000 hours of fog a year, more than 300 boats ran ashore near the Golden Gate Bridge during the Gold Rush years.

Here are three more photos of the Point Bonita Lighthouse.  What do you think?  Do you have a favorite below?

Point Bonita Lighthouse 5_edited-1

Point Bonita Lighthouse Photo #1.  The Point Bonita Lighthouse is the only lighthouse in the United States that is accessible via a suspension bridge. 


Point Bonita Lighthouse 3_edited-1

Point Bonita Lighthouse Photo #2.  The new Point Bonita Lighthouse bridge is made of tropical hardwood and steel suspension cables.  It opened in 2012 and cost more than $1 million to construct. 

PB Lighthouse 1_edited-1

Point Bonita Lighthouse Photo #3.  The Point Bonita Lighthouse was the last manned lighthouse on the California coast.  It is still an active lighthouse and is maintained by the US Coast Guard. 

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