January 19, 2015

Across the Bay in Alameda

Across the Bay, Alameda, California is home to an assortment of Navy ships including the USS Hornet.  Commissioned in November 1943, the USS Hornet played an active role in the Pacific Ocean during World War II.  She also served in the Korean War and Vietnam War before recovering astronauts returning from space as part of the Apollo program.  It was this aspect of the ship that I found most interesting.

Naval Ship_edited-1
The USS Grand Canyon State in Alameda, California.

Doctor Office_edited-1
A small office for the ship’s doctor

Capsule on USS Hornet_edited-1
One of the capsules used to return astronauts to earth during the Apollo program

When the first astronauts from the first lunar landing arrived back on earth, they held in quarantine in this Airstream on board the USS Hornet. Compare the Airstream as it is today aboard the USS Hornet to this historical photograph.

On Today’s Date in the Past:




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