On Today’s Date in the Past: Kiss Me Çay, Turkish Tea One Thing, Three Ways:  Grand Bazaar Istanbul

The Monroe School in Topeka houses the Brown v. Board of Education Museum dedicated to the Supreme Court case that helped end segregation in America. And one more thing crossed off of my Photo Bucket List! On Today’s Date in the Past: The Galata Tower Crossing the Galata Bridge One Thing, Three Ways:  Studio Shots

On Today’s Date in the Past: Turkish Delight View from the Galata Tower  

This statue of Lincoln can be found in the southeast quadrant of Capitol Square.  Topeka native, Robert Merrell Gage, created the Lincoln statue in 1916, his first public commission. On Today’s Date in the Past: Cafe Marly Musee du Louvre One Thing, Three Ways:  Jumping in a Puddle

At long last, I’ve managed to capture a halfway decent shot of a cardinal.  I know this won’t be the best photo of a cardinal you’ve ever seen, but I’m so excited to start with this shot.  I’m not sure if it’s the same bird, or not, but a male cardinal has been spending an […]