Better Half is one of the most creative, thoughtful gift givers I know, especially because the gifts he gives me focus more on experiences than stuff. For example, you might remember that last year’s birthday present was a dinner on the Napa Valley Wine Train.

This year, for Valentine’s Day, we had dinner at Table Ocho.  The concept is simple:  there are only eight places at the table, and there is only one seating per night.  The entire experience feels like an intimate dinner party at Chef Craig and his wife, Teresa’s, house.  Guests knew that the menu theme was “surf and turf,” but the rest of the menu was worked out by Chef Craig based upon what ingredients were available from local farms and not shared until we walked in for dinner at 7 pm.

Here are three photos from the event.  What do you think?  What’s your favorite below?

Table Ocho Photo 1:  Chef Craig uses this chalkboard as his “drawing board” for each meal he prepares at Table Ocho.

Table Ocho Photo 2:  Every course was beyond amazing, but I especially loved the way this Bibb lettuce salad was served with the core removed and the leaves spread out like a flower with a vinegar-cured egg cracked on top.

Table Ocho Photo 3: Art from home-town artist Mike Savage was on display the week we ate at Table Ocho.  There was a mix of Mike’s traditional work (right) as well as intentionally unfinished sketches (left).

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