May 28, 2015


One section of my garden is dedicated to perennial flowers, especially those that attract bee and butterflies.  One of the first plants to flower each year opens up small, bluish/purple flowers, and I’ve finally identified it as flax.

While my flax exists only to be beautiful and attract pollinators to my garden, the plant is a very versatile.  It originated in India, and the Pilgrims brought flax to America where it was used for medicine, as a grain crop, to make linseed oil, and to make fabrics, rope, and other materials.

Better Half and I each had a favorite flax shot, so I’m posting both here.  What do you think?  Which photo do you prefer?

Small Purple Flowers 2_edited-1
Flax Photo #1.  The delicate flowers of the long, thin flax plant are only about 1/2 to one inch in diameter (15-25mm).

Small Purple Flowers 1_edited-1
Flax Photo #2.  Viewing a flax flower from above.


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  1. They’re both very pretty. If I had to make a choice, I’d say the first one.

    • That was the shot I liked, but Better Half wasn’t a fan. I’m glad I posted it anyway. 🙂


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