I’m always excited when I have an opportunity to shoot the same subject on multiple occasions.  I learn a lot from my first pass at a special place or event, and am pleased when I can have a second go at it to improve my shots.  Even for seasoned photographers, I would imagine they appreciate the additional chance to photograph the same location at a different time of day, during a different season, or with different lighting.

Despite living in the Bay Area for most of my high school years (many years ago), last August was my first trip to the Japanese Tea Gardens, and I immediately fell in love with its beauty and tranquility.  Sadly, there is a tall fence around the pagoda, but I was able to shoot up and over it to get these shots, often by getting a few inch boost from a pathway stone or other object.

Here are three close, closer, closest shots of the other pagoda.  What do you think?  Do you have a favorite below? 

2nd Pagoda at Tea Gardens 3_edited-1
Pagoda Photo #1.  The pagodas in the Japanese Tea Gardens stand out against the natural, green beauty of the ornate landscaping.

2nd Pagoda at Tea Gardens 2_edited-1
Pagoda Photo #2.  A closer view of the details on the pagoda, including the layers of roofs and some peeling paint.

2nd Pagoda at Tea Gardens 1_edited-1
Pagoda Photo #3.  The closest view of the pagoda.

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  1. It was a close tie between #1 and #2, but it’s the vivid red and patterns in #2 that really caught my eye. Beautiful captures :).


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