Installed in 1410, the Prague astronomical clock, or Pražský orloj, is the oldest one of its kind still in operation. On its recent, 605th birthday, the orloj was honored as a Google Doodle. In addition to watching the clock in action at the top of each hour, you can also go up the Old Town Hall Tower and get an amazing panoramic view of Prague.

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Astro Clock 2_edited-1
Prague Astronomical Clock Photo #1.  The clock is made up of three key parts:  the astronomical dial which represents the position of the sun and the moon in the sky, the “Walk of the Apostles” which features the twelve Apostles and other moving sculptures at the top of each hour, and a calendar dial with symbols for each month.

Astro Clock 4_edited-1
Prague Astronomical Clock Photo #2.  The clock shows the medieval perception of the universe with the earth in the center.  Time is shown three ways:  the outer circle with Schwabacher numerals shows Old Czech Time (also known as Italian Time), the circle with Roman numerals shows Central European Time, and the inner circle with Arabic numerals shows Babylonian Time.

Astro Clock 1_edited-1
Prague Astronomical Clock Photo #3.  In addition to the moving status featured in the “Walk of the Apostles,” there are four statues that don’t move:  an astronomer, a chronicler, a philosopher, and an angel.

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  1. I love all your takes on Prague and the details you entice us to watch. It’s like visiting the city again!


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