Built from Bohemian sandstone, with Charles IV allegedly laying the first stone himself, the Charles Bridge (Karlův most) is one of the most known bridges in Europe. Since I’m sooooo not a morning person, it was hard to get up and visit the bridge at dawn, but I managed to do so one of the mornings of my visit.  I’m so glad I made the effort, because the experience is so different from what is otherwise experienced most of the day and well into the evening.

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Charles Bridge at Dawn_edited-1
Charles Bridge Photo #1.  As the sun rises, the Charles Bridge is nearly empty save for a few tourists, several bridal parties taking photos, and a random jogger.

Charles Bridge from Prague Castle_edited-1
Charles Bridge Photo #2.  Once the musicians and artists set up their stations along the Charles Bridge, and the tourists start walking across the pedestrian bridge, it is pretty much packed all day and well into the night as shown in this shot from the Prague Castle.

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  1. Both are great shots to capture the detail of the bridge and the community surrounding it. I love all the colors and textures.

  2. I’m with you and like you, not an early riser at all. But there are some places that takes the best out of you and make you rise. Charles Bridge is one of those.


    my morning on the bridge:


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