November 9, 2015

Budapest: Cultivini

With a history dating back to at least the Roman times, Hungarian wine has been around for a while.  However, with generally limited production and distribution, most Americans haven’t had the opportunity to taste the red Bull’s Blood from Eger or the white dessert wine from Tokaji unless they’ve traveled to Hungary.  I was lucky to get my first taste of Hungarian wine — from the Sauska winery — during a business trip in January 2014 thanks to a Hungarian colleague who spotted it on a wine list in either Istanbul or Lisbon and encouraged us to get a bottle for our table.

If you find yourself in Budapest and want to explore Hungarian wines, I highly recommend a visit to Cultivini where you can try a wide assortment of Hungarian wines before you buy, bubble wrap, and bring them home to enjoy.

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Cultivini 1_edited-1
A glimpse of some of the wines “on tap” for tasting at Cultivini in Budapest

Cultivini 3_edited-1
Put the equivalent of about $10 on a key-card like this, and start sampling the wines in one of three different sized pours
Cultivini 2_edited-1
Racks of delicious wine ready to be purchased, bubble wrapped, and taken home

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