When I see red, white, and blue, I don’t just think of the flags of the United States or France.  Instead, I think of the values that brought the people of these countries together when they revolted against an oppressive regime back in the 1700s.  Red, white, and blue make me think of liberty, equality, and fraternity.  When I see these three colors together, I think of what it means to live in a land where people are truly free.

Hundreds were killed or injured in a horrible tragedy that took place in the City of Lights last Friday.  The victims aren’t just Parisian but come from more than a dozen countries.  While I post this photo of Kansas City showing solidarity with France, I want the red, white, and blue lights to represent solidarity with anyone in the world who dreams of liberty, equality, and fraternity, no matter what their race, religion, or national origin might be.

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Union Station Red White and Blue_edited-1



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  1. I dream of a world where those words will be more than words but true actions and where people will act on them with peace and respect. Thanks for your thoughts.


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