Out of all of the exhibits at the Sunset Zoo, I had the most fun watching the chimpanzees this visit.  Here are three shots of some of the adults.  I took so many photos of the chimpanzee youth, Nkurukoto, that he warrants one (or more) of his own upcoming posts.

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Chimp 1_edited-1
Chimpanzee Photo #1.  Chimpanzee Mom, Hazina, carries young Nkurukoto. This must be the chimpanzee version of “Mama, hold me!”  

Chimp 3_edited-1
Chimpanzee Photo #2.  A chimpanzee enjoys the fall sunshine.

Chimp 9_edited-1
Chimpanzee Photo #3.  When a zoo keeper brought a group of veterinary students by to observe the chimpanzees, he passed out chimp treats.  This guy grabbed a big, ole’ handful and carried them around for a while without eating them.  

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