Two-and-a-half-year-old chimpanzee youth, Nkurukoto, is as much fun to watch as about any toddler you’ll encounter.  Curious, adorable, and funny, he certainly kept my attention for quite some time!  There were several white hard hats in the exhibit with the chimps.  I’m not sure if they’re there as toys or as serving dishes, but I do know that Nkurukoto had quite a good time with his!

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Chimp 4_edited-1
Chimpanzee Photo #1.  Watching Nkurukoto eat out of his white hard hat reminded me of how my niece used to eat her meals out of a Royals batting hat.


Chimp 5_edited-1
Chimpanzee Photo #2.  Nom nom nom.


Chimp 6_edited-1
Chimpanzee Photo #3.  Look!  I made a happy plate hat!


Chimp 7_edited-1
Chimpanzee Photo #4.  I look just like the zoo keeper!



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  1. I love the last photo the best – it makes me grin from ear to ear because it does remind me of Curious George :). I would love to have a monkey for a pet!!


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