A common balloon competition event is the “Hare and Hound” race.  The “hare” balloon takes off in advance of the “hound” balloons and flies at different altitudes to make it more challenging for the “hound” balloons to follow its path.  As an additional part of the challenge, the “hound” balloons drop a weighted marker on a target cross with the closest marker winning a prize.

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Hare Balloon 1_edited-1
Hare Balloon Photo #1.  The “hare” balloon in the process of being inflated.
Hare Balloon 2_edited-1
Hare Balloon Photo #2.  Just about ready to go!


Hare Balloon 4_edited-1
Hare Balloon Photo #3.  The “hare” balloon passes by another balloon at the Midwest Balloon Fest. 

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