January 31, 2016

Cardinal in the Snow

Of all the birds that visit my backyard, I find myself most mesmerized by the cardinals. Between seed snacks from the feeder, this guy was hanging out in the snow watching the world go by. I still struggle to get a nice, clear, high-definition shot of a cardinal, but this photograph is at least better than my previous attempts so I’m encouraged by my progress.

Cardinal 3_edited-1

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  1. Cardinals are one of my favorite birds to see in the winter. Their brilliant red plumage definitely stands out against the white snow.

    • Aren’t they the coolest? I just need to keep practicing so their beauty turns out a bit crisper in my shots. Not always easy to do when shooting through glass from indoors (or with my zoom lens that doesn’t have a stabilizer) but I’ll keep practicing! After all, that is kinda the point of my site! 🙂

  2. The are so pretty and also quiet a sighting again the white snow. Wish we had such colorful birds over here. I tried a million times to catch some of the birds coming to my Mom bird house but they are so quick…hard to get a crisp image through a window.

    • Yes, it really is, but I’ll keep trying! When you come this summer, you’ll have to give it a go with me. There is usually a lot of bird action on the bird feeders and down by the garden. 🙂


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