First known as an Oreo Biscuit when they were created back in 1912 — the same year that New Mexico and Arizona became states and that the Titanic sank — today’s Oreo can be found in nearly 20 different varieties in the United States. In honor of National Oreo Cookie Day (#NationalOreoCookieDay), here are ten interesting facts about America’s most popular cookie along with three photos I took as part of my National Oreo Cookie Day celebration.

Oreo Cookies on National Oreo Cookie Day - Stack of Three Cookies

Oreo Cookie Photo #1.

  1. The original Oreo Biscuit used pork fat for the white cream filling of the sandwich cookie.  (Good news for vegans, the filling is now made from vegetable oil.)

    Oreos - Cookies and Milk

    Oreo Cookie Photo #2

  2. Lard or vegetable oil aside, Oreo filling inspired this song.
  3. In case the original name didn’t tip you off, the cookie was created with a British target audience in mind.
  4. Today Oreos are sold in more than 100 countries around the world, which is bigger than the British empire in its heyday.
  5. Regional flavors of the cookies include green tea in China and dulche de leche in Argentina.
  6. There is a quiz that describes your personality based upon how you eat an Oreo.
  7. Double Stuf Oreos (as used in all of my photos) don’t actually have double the cream filling.  It’s only 1.86 times the filling of the original Oreo cookie.

    Oreos - Open Stack

    Oreo Cookie Photo #3

  8. The origin of the cookie’s name is apparently a bigger mystery than Stonehenge or crop circles.  Some say it’s based upon the French word for gold (or) because they were once sold in gold tins.  Others say it’s because the name is short and easy to pronounce.  Like Iowa, four letters and 75% vowels!
  9. They are used in oodles of recipes, like these 50 desserts.
  10. Their history includes Donald Trump.  Seriously, I am not clever enough to make (double) stuf up!

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