March 18, 2016

Review: The Chef

The Chef Cafe copyWhen The Chef opened in 1943 in downtown Manhattan, Kansas, Manhattanites had to order and eat fast in the small cafe, because a long line of people were ready to take their place.  Today, there is still usually a line for a table in the cozy restaurant featured as Food Network’s ultimate breakfast joint for the state of Kansas, especially for breakfast on Saturday and Sunday mornings and on game days.  Fortunately, the wait staff at The Chef are amazingly attentive and will let you order coffee (and other beverages) while you wait for your table.

Neon sign outside The Chef restaurant in Manhattan, Kansas

Legend has it that owner Kurstin Harris found the original neon sign for The Chef in a museum and worked with the Riley County Historical Society to use it when The Chef was reopened in 2008.

With my Twinners getting ready to head off to college next Fall, we’ve made quite a few trips to Manhappiness this school year. I’ve only been able to enjoy The Chef for breakfast so far.  I highly recommend the Pancakes Bananas Foster and Buenos Dias Frittata.  When my son starts school in Manhattan next fall, I hope to be able to have either lunch or dinner at The Chef soon.

The Chef - Coffee and Menu

Sipping coffee while making my breakfast selection for this trip.

What about you?  Have you visited The Chef in Manhattan, Kansas?  Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Don’t just take my word for it, here’s what a few other bloggers had to say about The Chef.

It's a beautiful day in Manhattan at The Chef

It’s always a beautiful day when we start with breakfast at The Chef


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